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[texts]Tooth Invaders (1983)(Commodore)
Tooth Invaders (1983)(Commodore)
Keywords: tooth; plaque; invaders; plaqueman; floss; screen; dental; game; bonus; commodore; tooth invaders; dental floss; bonus points
Downloads: 38
[texts]Atari Lynx Manuals: Paperboy (1990)(Tengen)
Atari Lynx Manuals: Paperboy (1990)(Tengen)
Keywords: paperboy; atari; game; press; obstacles; caps; newspapers; points; papers; paper; paper route; bonus points; atari corporation
Downloads: 27
[texts]Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Defender (1983)(Atari)
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Defender (1983)(Atari)
Keywords: humanoid; defender; humanoids; aliens; lander; destroy; game; score; landers; ths; bonus points
Downloads: 26
[texts]Tooth Invaders Manual

Keywords: tooth; plaque; commodore; floss; bonus; clean; plaqueman; screen; fluoride; decaying; standard screen; earn bonus; bonus points
Downloads: 75
[texts]Pinball Spectacular (1982)(Commodore)
Pinball Spectacular (1982)(Commodore)
Keywords: pinball; points; screen; lites; game; bonus; spectacular; hit; yellow; points clear; bonus points; pinball spectacular
Downloads: 35
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Clowns (1982)(Commodore)
Commodore C64 Manual: Clowns (1982)(Commodore)
Keywords: balloons; clowns; points; bonus; screen; cyan; center; key; picture; cartridge; points clear; bonus points
Downloads: 53
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Tooth Invaders (1982)(Commodore)
Commodore C64 Manual: Tooth Invaders (1982)(Commodore)
Keywords: tooth; plaque; commodore; plaqueman; clean; bonus; floss; screen; toothbrush; standard; standard screen; earn bonus; bonus points
Downloads: 41
[texts]Mattel Intellivision: TRON - Deadly Discs (1981)(Mattel)
Mattel Intellivision: TRON - Deadly Discs (1981)(Mattel)
Keywords: tron; warriors; disc; warrior; hits; keypad; discs; recognizer; game; press; directional disc; press directional; bonus points
Downloads: 45
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Pit, The (1983)(HesWare)
Commodore C64 Manual: Pit, The (1983)(HesWare)
Keywords: gems; pit; return; points; software; gem; jewels; robots; bonus; engineered; points return; bonus points
Downloads: 34
[texts]Mattel Intellivision: Mission X (1982)(Mattel)
Mattel Intellivision: Mission X (1982)(Mattel)
Keywords: plane; points; enemy; missiles; score; skill; runway; press; train; bomb; skill level; enemy plane; bonus points
Downloads: 42
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Jumpman (1983)(Epyx)
Commodore C64 Manual: Jumpman (1983)(Epyx)
Keywords: jumpman; player; bonus; points; joystick; press; scores; game; jumpmen; completes; bonus points; thirty levels
Downloads: 94
[texts]XBOX Manual: Totaled for XBOX
XBOX Manual: Totaled for XBOX
Keywords: game; points; player; career; arenas; mode; arcade; xbox; vehicles; bonus; career mode; bonus points; career records; basic points
Downloads: 36
[texts]Atari Lynx Manuals: Rygar - Legendary Warrior (1990)(Atari Corp)
Atari Lynx Manuals: Rygar - Legendary Warrior (1990)(Atari Corp)
Keywords: points; atari; rygar; bonus; game; press; evil; destroy; enemies; joypad; bonus points; atari corporation; title screen; cave bat; press option
Downloads: 38
[texts]Mattel Intellivision: Bump 'N' Jump (1983)(Mattel)
Mattel Intellivision: Bump 'N' Jump (1983)(Mattel)
Keywords: bump; crash; bumped; jump; bonus; press; points; cars; bonus points; controller; hand controller; zig zags; points times
Downloads: 31
[texts]Mattel Intellivision: TRON - Deadly Discs (1981)(Mattel)[a]
Mattel Intellivision: TRON - Deadly Discs (1981)(Mattel)[a]
Keywords: tron; warriors; disc; warrior; hits; keypad; discs; recognizer; game; press; directional disc; point score; bonus points; deadly discs
Downloads: 42
[texts]Bally Astrocade Manual: Brickyard + Clowns (1981)(Astrovision)[2004]
Bally Astrocade Manual: Brickyard + Clowns (1981)(Astrovision)[2004]
Keywords: brickyard; ball; clowns; points; game; colored; paddle; bricks; clown; balloons; hand control; ball hits; bonus points; points blue
Downloads: 34
[texts]Defender - Atari
Defender from Atari.
Keywords: humanoid; defender; game; humanolds; lander; screen; scanner; aliens; joystick; score; smart bombs; alien ships; game selection; bonus points; fire button
Downloads: 111
[texts]Loony Balloon (1983)(Philips)(en-de)

Keywords: sie; ballon; und; balloon; ein; spiel; der ballon; den ballon; auf dem; wenn der; der junge; sie den; bonus points; loony balloon; konnen sie; die spiele
Downloads: 44
[texts]Atari 5200 Manual: Defender (1982)(Atari)
Atari 5200 Manual: Defender (1982)(Atari)
Keywords: defender; game; humanoids; alien; humanoid; smart; aliens; atari; destroy; figure; smart bombs; press pause; bonus points; spaceship defender; smart bomb; lives remaining; game variation; bombs remaining
Downloads: 32
[texts]VGMUSEUM: Electronic Arts: ultwiz refcard
VGMUSEUM: Electronic Arts: ultwiz refcard
Keywords: wizard; joystick; dungeon; ultimate; warranty; bonus; spells; monster; score; wizards; ultimate wizard; status panel; main menu; fire button; defective media; bonus points; bonus bar
Downloads: 6
[texts]Killer Bees (1983)(Philips)(en-de)

Keywords: die; sie; und; ihre; bees; mit; bienen; punkte; einen; weissen bienen; enemy swarms; mit dem; killer bees; ihre weissen; drucken sie; das spiel; bonus points
Downloads: 45
[texts]Atari 2600 Manual: Jungle Hunt (1982)(Atari)
Atari 2600 Manual: Jungle Hunt (1982)(Atari)
Keywords: dudley; dashly; joystick; game; controller; crocodiles; atari; reptile; jungle; deadly; bonus points; sir dashly; red button; deadly forest; dudley jump; reptile river; skill level
Downloads: 39
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Diamond Mine (1983)(Roklan)
Commodore C64 Manual: Diamond Mine (1983)(Roklan)
Keywords: diamonds; mine; shaft; shafts; points; subterranean; processing; diamond; processed; joystick; diamond mine; bonus points; mine shaft; processing area; mine shafts; points leaving; leaving mine; subterranean mining
Downloads: 76
[texts]Jumping Acrobats (1981)(Philips)(en-de)
Jumping Acrobats (1981)(Philips)(en-de)
Keywords: sie; die; wenn; und; das; mit; taste; wie; jumping board; wenn der; wie version; press reset; der turner; wenn sie; von der; der computer; bonus points; sie die
Downloads: 33
[texts]XBOX Manual: Cars
XBOX Manual: Cars
Keywords: thq; button; software; music; piston; localisation; manager; marketing; international; thq international; quality assurance; piston cup; story mode; sony bmg; bonus points; bonus content; video games; video game
Downloads: 126
[texts]Atari 5200 Manual: Congo Bongo (1983)(Sega)
Atari 5200 Manual: Congo Bongo (1983)(Sega)
Keywords: screen; congo; points; hunter; jungle; joystick; game; play; level; bongo; play level; congo bongo; video game; points play; play levels; bonus points
Downloads: 26
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Ultimate Wizard (1985)(Electronic Arts)[Quick Reference Card]
Commodore C64 Manual: Ultimate Wizard (1985)(Electronic Arts)[Quick Reference Card]
Keywords: wizard; joystick; dungeon; warranty; bonus; spells; arc; ultimate; score; monster; bonus bar; ultimate wizard; defective media; status panel; bonus points; fire button; main menu
Downloads: 100
[texts]Atari Lynx Manuals: Xenophobe (1990)(Atari Corp)
Atari Lynx Manuals: Xenophobe (1990)(Atari Corp)
Keywords: space; xenos; points; readout; destroy; press; option; snotterpillar; festor; critter; bonus points; atari corporation; space stations; health points; space station; space craft; press option; health units
Downloads: 33
[texts]VGMUSEUM: Sir-Tech Software: wiz5sfc hintbook
VGMUSEUM: Sir-Tech Software: wiz5sfc hintbook
Keywords: level; encounter; wizardry; maelstrom; message; steps; item; destroy; characters; equip; map key; secret door; unlocked door; locked door; hidden item; pit locked; motor room; timeless room; cursed items; bonus points
Downloads: 10
[texts]Atari 5200 Manual: Star Wars - The Arcade Game (1984)(Parker Brothers)
Atari 5200 Manual: Star Wars - The Arcade Game (1984)(Parker Brothers)
Keywords: wave; death; fireballs; joystick; bonus; star; catwalks; laser; parker; death star; fire buttons; bonus points; wave number; wave bonus; tie fighters; remaining number; tower top; parker brothers; laser towers
Downloads: 56
[texts]Atari 2600 Manual: Klax (1990)(Atari)
Atari 2600 Manual: Klax (1990)(Atari)
Keywords: wave; vou; tiles; tne; trie; points; klaxs; klax; paddle; tile; higher wave; complex klaxs; wave selection; receive points; selection screen; wild tiles; bonus points; wave reauires; drop meter; colored tiles
Downloads: 38
[texts]Atari Lynx Manuals: Chip's Challenge (1989)(Epyx)
Atari Lynx Manuals: Chip's Challenge (1989)(Epyx)
Keywords: chip; toggle; chips; linked; obstacles; dirt; level; trip; blocks; traps; time bonus; specific number; trip button; water shields; press option; toggle block; level bonus; bonus points; chip socket; move chip
Downloads: 69
[texts]NZ Bits and Bytes Issue 1-11
In Issue Eleven, along with editorial comment, letters, club contacts and a glossary, you will find... A few articles on Wordprocessing Review of the Sord M5 Review of the Franklin Ace 1000 Printer Mannsemann Tally MT160L reviewed Software reviews including two kiwi games for the Vic 20 International news How computer science might help cricket umpires Tips on de-bugging Programming tips Picking a computer for your farm The history of CP/M Calcstar, a CP/M spreadsheet Review of an educational ma...
Keywords: computer; program; software; bytes; disk; basic; commodore; programs; word processing; apple; disk drives; disk drive; bonus points; word processors; high resolution; floppy disk; colour genie; operating system; dick smith
Downloads: 102
[texts]NZ Bits and Bytes Issue 2-03
In Volume 2, Issue 3, along with news, editorial comment, letters, club contacts and a glossary, you will find... A comparison of all portables available on the NZ market Review of the NZ-made Proteus (From the folks that bought us the Poly) Review of the Casio PB100 Handheld Review of the Cromemco C-10 small business machine Details on a robot mouse contest A personal story of how young children take to micros at home The microcomputer scene in Japan A report on the Computer Society's National ...
Keywords: computer; bytes; tho; software; program; programs; lor; disk; dick smith; ieee; disk drives; computer literacy; operating system; lower case; colour genie; gadgets company; bonus points; disk drive; computer centre
Downloads: 463
[texts]VGMUSEUM: Sierra On-Line: sorcerian manual
VGMUSEUM: Sierra On-Line: sorcerian manual
Keywords: magic; character; monsters; saturn; pentawa; characters; venus; sorcerian; press; air; hit points; game startup; element monsters; character abilities; bonus points; ability values; sorcerian adventurers; red jewel; lead character; ability scores
Downloads: 11
[texts]Atari 7800 Manual: Klax (1992)(Atari)(NTSC)[repro]
Atari 7800 Manual: Klax (1992)(Atari)(NTSC)[repro]
Keywords: tiles; wave; klaxs; points; paddle; ramp; tile; klax; game; complete; receive points; colored tiles; wave requires; drop meter; wave selection; wave objective; tiles fall; selection screen; bonus points; wild tiles
Downloads: 33
[texts]NZ Bits and Bytes Issue 1-06
In Issue Six, along with editorial comment, letters, club contacts and a glossary, you will find... Tips on using cassette tape for storage The Hitachi MB-6890 (Hitachi Peach), the Apple III and the Microbee all reviewed A preview of the new micros from IBM and ICL Microcomputers on the farm - How they can help with the business Education Department's report on Micros for schools Microcomputers in Business - Evaluating vendor reports Micros in the pharmacy Basic BASIC (part 5) A bit more about b...
Keywords: computer; program; programs; software; disk; cassette; ram; apple; data; memory; machine code; disk drives; operating system; screen memory; bonus points; personal computer; disk drive; small business; word processing; disk operating
Downloads: 204
[texts]NZ Bits and Bytes Issue 1-10
In Issue Ten, along with editorial comment, letters, club contacts and a glossary, you will find... A sales tax update Review of the Sinclair Spectrum and the BMC 800 Review of the Compute Mate, a printer under $1000 Supercalc reviewed Software for solicitors What's happening internationally Report on a robotic seminar Auckland microcomputer show preview Computer studies in one NZ school Software use in primary schools Boom in farming microcomputing - or not? Basic BASIC (part 9) CPU Addressing ...
Keywords: computer; software; bytes; tho; auckland; programs; disk; program; micro; bbc; machine language; disk drives; bytes july; dick smith; bonus points; trust account; sales tax; disk drive; dot matrix; bonus point
Downloads: 175
[texts]NZ Bits and Bytes Issue 2-05
In Volume 2, Issue 5, along with news, editorial comment, letters, club contacts and a glossary, you will find... First annual Bits and Bytes Index Predictions for 1984 A comparison of all computers between $5000-$12,000 on the NZ market Who qualifies for the new tax break Import duty on programs Computers in schools for 1984 Review of the Texas Instruments 99/4A Review of the Franklin Ace 1200 Review of the Sega SC3000 Review of the Sharp PC-1401 handheld Review of the Epson FX80 printer Suppor...
Keywords: computer; software; disk; commodore; graphics; ibm; bytes; bonus; programs; zealand; word processing; franklin ace; disk drives; operating system; dick smith; floppy disk; green screen; book reviews; bonus points; personal computer
Downloads: 327
[texts]Atari Lynx Manuals: Klax (1990)(Tengen)
Atari Lynx Manuals: Klax (1990)(Tengen)
Keywords: wave; tiles; klax; tile; points; ramp; paddle; klaxs; complete; game; receive points; higher wave; wave objective; bonus points; wave selection; drop meter; colored tiles; selection screen; wave requires; drop zone
Downloads: 36
[texts]VGMUSEUM: Miscellaneous: necromancer manual
VGMUSEUM: Miscellaneous: necromancer manual
Keywords: necromancer; tree; spider; druid; strength; wisp; synapse; larvae; trees; zombie; synapse software; forest spider; zombie spiders; salivating spider; bonus points; tree bin; suck strength; strength drains; release lever; mother spider
Downloads: 9
[texts]XBOX Manual: Trivial Pursuit Unhinged
XBOX Manual: Trivial Pursuit Unhinged
Keywords: player; xbox; game; mode; button; unhinged; directional; buttons; token; directional buttons; bonus points; voice chat; unhinged mode; flash mode; trivial pursuit; horn abbot; classic mode; video game; special moves
Downloads: 45
[texts]NZ Bits and Bytes Issue 1-08
In Issue Eight, along with editorial comment, letters, club contacts and a glossary, you will find... A report on DBASE II Financial modelling packages Setting up a computerised system Gemstock for a Sord. A jeweller's tale Two business consultants share their views A review of the Commodore 64 Why are computers so expensive in New Zealand? A cost-benefit analysis of computers down on the farm Computer camps Network options for schools An article on the thirst for computer knowledge Basic BASIC ...
Keywords: computer; programs; commodore; software; computers; bbc; basic; program; gadgets company; programming; ibm personal; computer systems; personal computer; word processing; machine code; small business; personal computers; bonus points; bonus point
Downloads: 102
[texts]Atari 2600 Manual: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)(Atari)
Atari 2600 Manual: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)(Atari)
Keywords: candy; elliott; fbi; energy; pieces; atari; controller; game; switch; rescue; phone piece; game reset; fbi agent; rights reserved; candy pieces; reset switch; energy count; bonus points; rescue ship; energy runs
Downloads: 120
[texts]NZ Bits and Bytes Issue 2-06
In Volume 2, Issue 6, along with news, editorial comment, letters, club contacts and a glossary, you will find... A review of the HP 150 touch screen A review of the Macintosh The application software that comes with the Lisa A review of the Zenith Z-100 A comparison of two daisy wheel printer Computers in schools for 1984 An article on computer languages Disk drive mysteries revealed Tips on writing adventure games PILOT explained Programs for the System 80/TRS-80, Vic 20, Commodore 64, ZX81, S...
Keywords: computer; bonus; disk; program; bbc; earn; programs; software; disk drive; user; bbc micro; word processing; bonus points; disk drives; machine code; daisy wheel; operating system; hard disk; shayne doyle
Downloads: 260
[texts]NZ Bits and Bytes Issue 2-01
In Volume 2, Issue 1, along with news, editorial comment, letters, club contacts and a glossary, you will find... Telecommunications for the NZ micro user Three articles on computer education Review of the Colour Genie Review of the VZ200 A colour, graphics and sound card, and other add-ons for the System 80 A review of two speech synthesizers Multiplan spreadsheet software reviewed An article on how to de-bug A report from the U.S...
Keywords: computer; software; tho; graphics; computers; bbc; programs; program; disk; lor; disk drives; bonus points; colour genie; microsoft basic; post office; gadgets company; machine code; personal computer; dick smith; colour computer
Downloads: 203
[texts]Video and Computer Gaming Illustrated (1984-03)(Ion International)(US)
Video and Computer Gaming Illustrated (1984-03)(Ion International)(US)
Keywords: game; videogame; arcade; joystick; mario; player; videogames; atari; screen; donkey kong; action button; demon attack; arcade game; bonus points; second place; third place; smart bomb; space shuttle; three years
Downloads: 167
[texts]NZ Bits and Bytes Issue 3-02
In Volume 3, Issue 2, along with news, editorial comment, letters, club contacts and a glossary, you will find... Intergrated Packages - The "Windows" concept and Visi On Computer help for a "one man band" - a personal experience A home banking business trial The New Zealand Computer Education Society A Preview of the Sinclair QL Review of the TRS-80 Model 4P Review of Memotech's MTX-500 Review of the IBM PC Portable Review of Multitech's MIC-504 Review of the Olivetti PR2300 inkjet printer For ...
Keywords: computer; software; disk; programs; ibm; bytes; commodore; program; bonus; screen; trs dos; computer education; bytes october; word processing; bonus points; floppy disk; high resolution; word processor; operating system; computer based
Downloads: 104
[texts]Electronic Games Magazine (August 1982)
Electronic Games Magazine (August 1982). The August 1982 issue of Electronic Games magazine. Switch On, Electronic Games Hotline, The National Vanity Board, Readers Replay, Q&As, Test Lab: VIC-20, Games on Disc: Playing Around with Videodisc Machines, Arcading Italian Style: Coin-Op Machines are Lapping Up the Lire, Joystick Jury: What Makes a Videogame Great?, Tron: Videogame Graphics Inspired Disney's Blockbuster, Exploding the Arcade Myths: A Scientist Evaluates the Coin-Op Gaming Scene, Pass...
Keywords: games; game; electronic; atari; arcade; video; videogame; pinball; computer; players; electronic games; video games; video game; atari vcs; video pinball; space invaders; donkey kong; fortune hunt; demon attack; bonus points
Downloads: 506
[texts]Atari 5200 Manual: Missile Command (1982)(Atari)
Atari 5200 Manual: Missile Command (1982)(Atari)
Keywords: missile; wave; points; bonus; cities; abm; figure; waves; enemy; missiles; bonus city; wave point; smart missiles; missile base; missile command; smart missile; skip wave; point multiplier; bonus points; television screen
Downloads: 32
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